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services performed by third parties (other companies) to manage systems or infrastructure which includes managing security systems on servers, performing backup processes and managing databases, monitoring server health, providing CRM systems for customer service, and others.

Proactive Monitoring

where this feature functions to collect alerts from the customer’s system and notify the customer if there is a warning alert on the system, then the engineer or helpdesk can provide recommendations before handling problems.

Problem Handling

where when a problem requires problem solving, the Engineer will make improvements.

Configuration Request

a service where customer requests related to the system will be processed with a ticket before being executed

Preventive Maintenance

maintenance carried out by the Engineer on hardware devices so that the system continues to run properly and minimizes device damage when the system is running.

Patch Management

Engineers will always monitor patches and updates from the system and will send pre-patch report recommendations and will execute repatches according to customer approval.

Report and Recommendation

Reports containing resource performance and recommendations if needed which are carried out in a monthly period